Training At Reignmen Arms

Regardless of your skillset, ReignMen Arms provides a level of training that is Professional, Relevant, and Effective so you can STAY READY!!!
“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.”
~ Arthur Ashe

Structured Defense Training or, SDT, is a tiered approach to Handgun and Rifle training. SDT is divided into three tiers: Marksman I, Prime II, and Operator III. Marksman Pistol I and Marksman Rifle I courses are an introduction to adopting a defensive mindset with a focus on safety and fundamentals of marksmanship. Marksman are Introductory courses that address many concerns of new students including how to choose a new defensive pistol and how to properly sight in your rifle. The next Tier, Prime, are intermediate courses that build on Marksman concepts to provide a more advanced curriculum taking students out of their comfort zone to encourage growth and confidence with either a Rifle or Pistol. Operator III Course incorporates both Rifle and Pistol in one course. It is highly advanced and requires a mastery of both Pistol and Rifle platforms. Operator courses will introduce stress, mental and physical fatigue, challenge your commitment to accomplishing the mission, and are objective in nature.

Marksman Courses

Prime Courses