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Frequently Asked Questions

If I do not own a firearm, can I still take a course?

Yes, you can purchase a firearm rental at an additional cost if you are taking the Texas LTC, Marksman Pistol I, or Texas LTC/Marksman Pistol I Combo course.

What is included in rental purchase?

I am new to firearms and would like to get my LTC but am unsure if I can pass the shooting proficiency test, how can you help?

If I rent a firearm, do I still need to bring ammo?

Yes, if you are renting a firearm from ReignMen Arms you are required to bring 9mm Luger brass ammo in the quantity outlined under the Course Details.

I would like to take more advanced courses. Do I have to take the introductory course first?

No, you can take higher level courses without taking the introductory course however students will be required to pass a proficiency test.
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