Prime Pistol II


This is an intermediate course designed to challenge and push shooters out of their comfort zone. This course is ideal for shooters who are training at least once a month with their Pistol while demonstrating sound safety practices and shooting fundamentals.

Prerequisites: Marksman Pistol I

  • Safety
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Defensive Mindset
  • Live Fire Drills
  • 200 rounds of brass ammo
  • Eye protection required
  • Ear protection required (Electronic recommended)
  • Pistol
  • 3 Magazines
  • Magazine pouch
  • Bring Plenty of water
  • Chair
  • Sunscreen / Bug Spray (Optional)
  • Students are expected to follow Safety Rules at all times.
  • Brass Ammo Only / SAAMI Approved Ammo required.
  • No Reloaded Ammunition.
  • No push-off revolvers.
  • No smoking or eating.
  • Closed toe shoes – tennis shoes, hiking boots, etc.
  • Head Cover – Hat or Ball Cap.
  • All firearms should be unloaded with no magazine inserted; breach open.
  • If more than 30 min late you will be required to reschedule.
  • Rescheduling must be requested in writing at least 48 hours prior to the day of class to reschedule.
  • Please inform your instructor of any medical issues that will prohibit you from meeting the physical requirements of this course.
  • All sales are final, Absolutely No refunds.
  • Failure to follow safety rules and/or inability to adhere to commands and/or other unsafe behaviors are grounds for immediate removal and expulsion.

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